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 2016 Application Instructions

 “Simsbury Woman’s Club Adult Woman’s Scholarship”


Thank you for your interest in the Simsbury Woman’s Club Adult Woman’s Scholarship.  We are pleased to be able to offer a $2,000 Scholarship for 2016. 


The Simsbury Woman’s Club has been a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut (GFWC/CT) since 1968.   In addition to our Simsbury Woman’s Club Adult Woman’s Scholarship, The Federation (GFWC/CT) offers two Memorial Scholarships:  The Phipps Memorial Scholarships and The Schoelzel Memorial Scholarship.  Memorial Scholarship candidates require a sponsoring CT Woman’s Club to be considered.  The Simsbury Woman’s Club will sponsor one candidate, and forward their application to GFWC/CT for consideration.


Please read through the directions carefully before submitting your application.



o  Must be a female resident of CT as well as a US citizen  

o  Must be currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning 

o      Must have completed a minimum of 60 credits  of undergraduate work in an accredited

                institution of higher learning.

o      Must have a GPA of 3.0 or better


o     Download application from link at the bottom of this page.

o     Complete the application on-line.

o     Answer questions fully using additional paper if necessary.  You may include a photograph or

         any further information you wish. 

o     Print completed application and sign where indicated.

o     Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish the applications or any supporting

         items returned.

Mail Application and all necessary supporting documents to:

Simsbury Woman’s Club

Patty Crawford, Scholarship Chairman

P.O. Box 903

Simsbury, CT  06070

o     Emailed application will not be considered.



o     Your complete application: including transcript, recommendations and financial statement

         sent in time so it is received by Feb 10, 2016.  There will be no extensions to this deadline.

o  Transcript from college/university you are currently attending, endorsed by the Dean or  

          their executive officer of the college, sent in time so it is received by Feb 10, 2016.

o  Recommendations from two (2) professional instructors/employers, sent directly from the

          persons completing the recommendation forms, and sent in time so both are received by

          Feb 10, 2016.

o      Financial Statement from parent, guardian, spouse or self.  Application will not be  

          considered without a full financial disclosure, sent in time so miss received by Feb 10, 2016.


Questions? Contact Patty Crawford @


Simsbury Woman's Club President:  Barbara Holmes

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